Tomoco KAWAGUCHI, Tetsuro TASAKA, Kyungilu CHUNG

Tomoco KAWAGUCHI, Tetsuro TASAKA, Kyungilu CHUNG


Exhibition: Once, the Gods created a town

How is a town formed, and how does it evolve? As “MachiCra,” we used a theatrical approach for 12 days of “Machitsukuri (town formation)” with 28 elementary school and junior high school students aged between 6 and 15 to think about town evolution from beginning to the end. The venue for the first 8 days was Edamitsu Honmachi Shotengai Irontheater, a small private theater located in the City of Kitakyushu. The children dressed up as Gods and Goddesses of of Machitsukuri, built houses, exchanged ideas with other gods, came to a deadlock in their decision-making process, and actually created a town that they thought was “amusing.” “Once, the Gods created a town” exhibition is an ongoing trial that started with the relocation of the gods’ environment museum (new land), remembering the path taken by the town and thinking about a more comfortable and livable community.


Theatre Director. Born in 1983. Tomoco started her career as a director in 2008 and has launched many collaborative works which involved artists from different backgrounds in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, also including musicians, dancers, film makers and traditional performing artists. Tomoco presented English playwright Sarah Kane’s extraordinary work “4.48 Psychosis” as a contemporary punk opera version in Tokyo and Kitakyushu, 2020. This theatre piece will be staged in oversea theatres. Tomoco also plans some further works, Asia multi-lingual theatre and Opera written by Yoko Tawada. A part-time Lecturer at Tokyo Gakugei University and Rikkyo University Graduate School of Social Design Studies.

Tetsuro TASAKA
Playwright, Actor. Born in Okinawa. Tetsuro founded a theatre company Hi-Uresenkei Venus (Non- Commercialized Venus) in 2003, based in Fukuoka. Also belongs to Public Channel. Tetsuro also incubates and launches mystery entertainments, including collaborations with Urinko Theatre in Aichi, Kasuga City Fureai Culture Center in Fukuoka. Tetsuro is now into Real Escape Game. A part-time lecturer at Kyushu Sangyo University and YMCA Kumamoto.

Kyungilu CHUNG
Art Manager/Producer. Born in 1986 in Kitakyushu. Fourth-generation Zainichi Korean living in Japan. Graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Since 2012, he has been involved in the operation of Edamitsu IRON THEATER, a privately-owned theater in Fukuoka Prefecture, where he was appointed director in 2013. He is mainly engaged in contemporary dance and visual art. Since 2013, he has organized and directed the Edamitsu street art festival, an annual outdoor dance event. Chung has been involved in various art projects, working with numerous dancers and companies in Japan and abroad.