Dancing with passing train 2020


Train 48

Dancing with passing train

Hayakawa loves trains and Japanese idols, which are also themes in his artwork. The artist's longing for these motifs is directly expressed in symbolic images, which together create a dense pictorial space. One of Hayakawa’s favorite things to say is, “I've never been there, now have I?” The train, which he repeatedly depicts transporting crowds of people, may be a vehicle of his curiosity and an icon that invites us to travel into the unknown. His favorite color is cerulean, a darker shade of blue. This unique sense of color conveys a sense of tension, but it also makes the mysterious compositions of people and trains that much more unique. As if in response to the facility director's praise of his work, Hayakawa can often be heard shouting, “That’s great! I’ve never seen anything like it!” whenever he mixes a new color on his palette.


Born in 1989 in Tokyo, Hayakawa currently resides in Mie Prefecture. Hayakawa, who has an intellectual disability, began working at Atelier HUMAN.ELEMENT in 1999, and is currently a member of The Garden of Hope. He loves trains and Japanese idols, which are also themes in his artwork. He enjoys mixing colors on his palette and discovering new colors he has never seen before. Since childhood, Hayakawa has participated in many exhibitions and competitions both in Japan and abroad. He is the recipient of the Toyohashi Brut Art Contest Gold Prize (2020) and the POCORART National Open Call Audience Award (2011) and was featured in the program “Takuma Hayakawa: No Art, No Life” as part of an NHK special in 2020. Hayakawa has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Tokyo, Aichi, and Mie prefectures, as well as in Germany, Spain, China, and Vietnam.