TT 2021



Since its establishment, Rhizomatiks has constantly been reexamining the relationship between people and technology, creating works that pursue new possibilities in technology and art. For the festival, they present a video work in collaboration with Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a world leader in industrial robots based in Kitakyushu. Two-dimensional shadows are created by a pair of light sources and objects in front of the audience. The shadows are cast by a precision robot arm that moves geometric objects shaped from the poses of dancers taken with a 3D scanner. It is a primitive attempt to examine light and shadow, the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, human movement and robot movement, and the relationship between them.


Rhizomatiks pursues new possibilities in technology and expression, working primarily on experimental projects with a strong research and development focus. The company oversees every step of a project, from operations to hardware and software development, exploring the relationship between people and technology while conducting their R&D projects and productions. Through their collaborations with other artists and researchers from outside the company, Rhizomatiks continues to push the cutting edge of creative expression. Their large-scale solo exhibition rhizomatiks_multiplex is currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.