Untitled 2011-2017



It’s hard to believe that the material for Higashimoto’s beautiful, mysterious geometric patterns is bubble wrap. Higashimoto truly enjoys the rhythmical repetition of dots using a color pen, and for her, the creative process may be akin to playing with color. However, as the dots become lines, form surfaces, and eventually weave a magnificent fabric-like image, her creations gain an intensity that sublimates them into works of art. This work, which took six years to complete, uses a vivid color palette but overall portrays a kind of soft transparency. Always happy and smiling, Higashimoto creates a cheerful mood at her facility. The happy world of Higashimoto extends for thirty meters of bubble wrap as she continues to draw today.


Born in 1983, Higashimoto currently resides in Osaka. She is a member of the art club at the Nishi-Awaji House of Hope. Higashimoto uses assorted colored pens to draw triangles, squares, pentagons, and other patterns made up of dots, lines, and surfaces on rolls of cushion material. Her hand never ceases to move as she works with layouts in her mind’s eye. Higashimoto creates her art with a smile on her face, teasing those around her in the way that only a sharp-witted Osakan can. She has received numerous awards, with her work being selected for the Pocorart National Open Call Exhibition (2013/2015/2016) and the Kanden Collabo Art 21 Exhibition (2005/2010). She has also participated in many group exhibitions, including Art Brut? Outsider Art? Or? (EYE OF GYRE, Tokyo, 2017).