Relaxing forest 2013


Relaxing forest

Be together as one

A flock of birds with colorful plumage is about to take flight from the canvas and join us in the real world. And it’s no surprise since all of the birds that Mai Honma draws are actual people from her daily life. Her beloved principal, friends from the facility, and Miyu—a staff member who assists her in her creative activities—all make an appearance. To make sure no one gets lonely, she draws a rabbit to be the bird’s friend and a mama bird for the baby bird. Her straightforward way of expressing love and affection fills the canvas in a work full of emotion. Her work Garden of Hope incorporates oil painting, which is difficult to handle and is rarely used in facilities across the country. In such a free space, Honma is able to put her passionate thoughts to the canvas with every brushstroke, cute smile, and occasional serious gaze.


Born in 1984 in Matsuzaka City, where she currently resides. She is a member of the Garden of Hope. She loves flowers and animals (especially birds), which are central themes in her work. She enjoys looking out the window of her shuttle bus and is delighted to see birds flapping their wings reflected in the sparkling surface of the creek. With impaired motor function in her arms, the disordered lines and vivid colors she produces seem to convey the emotions she experiences. In 2005, she won the 57th Subarashiki-Mie award at the Mie Prefecture Art Exhibition. Honma has gone on to hold solo exhibitions and participate in group shows throughout Japan and has also shown her work in Germany, Spain, Vietnam, and China. Through ACM Gallery, her work has also been presented at Outsider Art Fair (New York, 2020) and Contemporary Outsider Art REAL -What Comes Next for Contemporary Art?- (GYRE GALLERY, Tokyo, 2019).