Keio SFC Hiroya Tanaka Lab.+ METACITY (Ryuta AOKI)

Keio SFC Hiroya Tanaka Lab.+ METACITY (Ryuta AOKI)

Bio Sculpture 2021


Bio Sculpture

This collaborative project between METACITY and Hiroya Tanaka's laboratory at Keio University’s Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) explores social sculpture for a new anthropocene. It includes an ecological system that employs several natural materials which have been 3D-printed as new shapes and structures using digital technology. In recent years, global warming has increased forest fires and other catastrophes worldwide, which can incinerate and destroy diverse ecosystems in an instant. The group transplants soil components collected from deep in the forest into the urban space and tries to visualize its potential in this new environment, which they call a new “vessel.” The vessel is pleated and made with akadama—or red ball earth—and rice husks, while nine different types of moss are planted on the surface. It is designed to regulate temperature, humidity, CO2, and air pollution autonomously. The group says that the work will only truly be complete when the soil that they have collected is activated inside, and the invisible forest ecosystem that resides within the vessel manifests itself in new ways.


Keio SFC Hiroya Tanaka Lab. (Hiroya TANAKA, Yasuo NAGURA, Shin AOYAMA, Meg KAWAI, Moriyasu CHINEN, Nanaka MATSUKI, Mayuki OMURA)

Keio SFC Hiroya Tanaka Lab. pioneers in developing the cutting-edge technology that explores digital fabrication and possibilities of 3D/4D printing from a design engineering point of view. Its graduates are active in establishing design tech venture firms. Currently, the lab centers on the invention and development of "special modeling techniques", the archiving of the "design language", and the imagination and creation of "the vision of space and life of the future cities."


METACITY is a research team exploring forms of "possible city" through thought experiments and prototyping. METACITY collaborates with The TEA-ROOM, an art collective of the teaism, magazine "WIRED", engineer group CARTIVATOR, and Keio SFC Hiroya Tanaka Lab. in a number of projects. 未完