Medical Herbman Cafe Project 2021


Medical Herbman Cafe Project

Eiki Danzuka travels to different areas to research their medicinal herbs, using them to create human-shaped herb gardens, which he has dubbed "medical herbmen." In each region, he operates a café that serves herbal tea made from herbs collected from his garden, using the proceeds to fund the next herbman” adventure. Herbman will appear in different places and offer herbs upon request. This kind of cyclical programming is the spirit of the work. Danzuka learned about the wild medicinal herbs that grow in Higashida Oodoori Park and their benefits from local residents, after which he produced an herbman based on what he learned. Good health and well-being is one of the goals raised under the SDGs, so the herbal teas and dishes served at the cafe during the exhibition are meant to raise awareness of nature and the body. Additionally, “walking and crossing” is the theme of a 25-meter-long herbman that expresses a story that unfolds around the lives and changes of the people and birds associated with the Yahata area.


Fukeishi. Born in Oita Prefecture in 1963. Lives in Tokyo. Born on Onyu-jima, a small island in the Kuroshio Current, Danzuka was raised in the forest region where a clear fresh stream flowed. The virgin landscape he grew up in exerts a strong influence on his work. After finishing Kuwasawa Design School, he studied under Nobuo Sekine, an artist who represented the "Mono" school. Danzuka works on landscapes that connect time, space, and people both at home and abroad, emphasizing the sustainable process by which the creative activity itself returns to nature.

Major activities:
Visiting professor at Tama Art University
Part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts
Founder and supervisor of EARTHSCAPE
Major honors:
Cityscape Grand Prize and BCS Award in Japan
Green Good Design Award in the U.S. and many more