From the Series of “Bento is Ready” © Atsushi Fukushima


From the Series of “Bento is Ready”

Atsushi Fukushima worked for ten years delivering lunch boxes for the elderly. His Bento is Ready series comprises a vast number of photographs that capture the everyday lives of the elderly he saw out on his deliveries. In his photographs, the audience can see the loneliness of older people who live on their own, the current situation of aging in Japan, and the slow, steady creep of death that modern society tends to ignore. However, in presenting this series, Fukushima wrote that what he had seen over the past ten years was not death but “an awe at the elderly’s will to live.” As Japan braces for a “super-aged” society, these photos challenge the audience to think about aging, caring for the elderly, facing death, and life in old age.


Born in 1981 in Kanagawa Prefecture, where he currently resides, Fukushima graduated from the Department of Photography at the Osaka University of Arts in 2004. In 2006, he graduated from the School of Photography at Tokyo Sogo College of Photography. Fukushima was selected for the Nikon Salon Juna 21 awards in 2008 and was the 2019 KG+ Award 2019 Grand Prix winner. His major solo exhibitions include Trip to plant trees (Kobe 819 Gallery, Hyogo, 2018), Eat food (Nikon Salon bis, Tokyo, 2018), and SCOPE (Nikon Salon, Tokyo, 2004).