Akari-Lisa ISHII

Akari-Lisa ISHII

LIGHT X (light cross) 2021


LIGHT X (light cross)

The towering blast furnace is a powerful symbol of the history of the Higashida area. At 70-meters-high, it paved the way for Japan's modernization and still stands tall today. In this work, the furnace is transformed into a giant, colorful light art installation that looks back on the history of Kitakyushu, expresses power of the city today, and its development to the future. The lights will be partially powered by the latest technologies in hydrogen energy, symbolically visualizing a solution to environmental issues. A video of the installation includes an original soundtrack to accompany this dramatic lighting performance will be available online. A spectacle of light will be repeated every five minutes every night.


Lighting designer. Born in Tokyo in 1971. After studying fine arts and design and training in pioneer lighting design firms in US, Japan, and France, Ishii founded I.C.O.N. in 2004. Based in Paris and Tokyo, I.C.O.N. realizes a wide range of lighting design projects all over the world as an expert in urban space, architecture, interior, event, museum, and stage lighting. Besides, Ishii is active in painting, giving talks and writing as well. Her representative works include Japonismes 2018 Eiffel Tower Special Light-up, Kabuki Theater, Pompidou Center Metz, Colosseum Light Messages, Perfumes Christian Dior Champs-Elysée store, Festival of Lights in Lyon and more.

Major honors:
Member of French and international lighting designers’ associations (ACE & IALD)
Author of Iconic Light (Kyuryudo) etc. Winner of many international awards, including "Award of Excellence" IES, "Grand prix of Lighting design" ACE, Recylum Trophy Lyon Festival of Lights etc.
Selected among the 120 most representative women of Japan by Bungeishunju
Member of Committee for reflection on tourisme promotion of Tokyo
Member of Brand Advisory Group for 2020 Tokyo Olympics